CNWSAP Involvement Preferences
Are you a Panhellenic alumnae looking to get involved? We are looking for Panhellenic alumnae to serve our organization.

Check out to learn more about our organization.

To view all Position Descriptions please visit the following link -

Executive Officers are elected.
 A slate of officers will be presented by the nominating committee and voted on in April.
 Each term is for one year - this term will be for June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019
 Each office has a term limit of 3 years.
 An individual must have served as a committee chair for one year prior (not necessarily immediately prior) to being slated for an executive office.

Committee Chairs will be appointed by the President based on the recommendations of the
Nominating Committee.
 CNWSAP members may only hold one committee chair position, but may be on multiple committees.
 An individual should not serve as committee chair of the same committee for more than 3 years.
 Executive committee officers may not be committee chairs, but may serve on committees.

 Committee members may be anyone from a CNWSAP member sorority (not just delegates), but should not all be from one sorority.

To see a list of all eligibilities please visit the following link -

Questions regarding eligibility or position/committee descriptions please contact the CNWSAM Nominating Committee Chair, Julie Dudzik - or CNWSAP President, Mary Kate Lobough -

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