"SaveThe Lakes": Endorsement for State Support to Combat Aquatic Invasive  Species (AIS)
RI Lakes are in trouble, threatened by non-native aquatic invasive species (AIS).  First documented in 2012 by a DEM State survey, invasive plants grow quickly, spread easily from lake to lake, are harmful to natural plant species, expensive to treat, and can overtake and destroy our lakes, ponds and reservoirs.  "Save the Lakes" is seeking your signature NOW to urge RI’s elected officials to take action: to pass legislation and provide funding to help RI lakes combat AIS.

Please let your voice be heard by COMPLETING THIS BRIEF SURVEY & SHARING IT with members of your household, other family members and friends, urging them to complete it as well.  Every reply counts, and your response helps raise the volume.    Thank you!
I support positive action by the State Legislature to provide financial support to assist lakes in fighting aquatic invasive species. *
DEM staffing should include a person dedicated to helping freshwater lakes & rivers combat aquatic invasive species (AIS).
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