Orion Parent Online Safety Survey
We will like to find out how well the children understand online safety and how they use these skills at home. We would also like to know how informed you are as parents.
Please tick the age of the child you are completing this survey about.
Does your child have access to a smartphone with apps and social media?
How often does your child have access to their smartphone?
Does your child have access to a tablet, iPad or laptop/computer at home?
Do you limit the amount of time or how many times your child plays on games or apps, social media or uses the previously mentioned technology per day?
If you do limit the time your child spends on games, apps or the previously mentioned technology, how long do you let your child play for and why?
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What do your children do online? (Choose all that apply) *
Are your child’s online friends the same as their real-life friends?
Do you know how to check on who your child is talking to online?
Have you checked your child’s online privacy settings recently?
Are you aware of how much information your child shares online with their friends?
Have you discussed ‘stranger danger’ with your children?
If your child was accessing unsuitable websites, would you know what to do to prevent this?
If your child was being bullied online, would you know how to resolve this?
Do you know how to remove cyber bullying comments from Facebook and the internet?
Which of the following should you do with unpleasant content sent to your child over the internet?(Choose all that apply)
Your child is uploading videos to YouTube. Is this a good idea?
Do you know how to remove unpleasant, harassing or inappropriate images or videos of your child from the internet?
Do you know how to monitor your child’s internet and computer activities?
Do you have clear rules about what information your child can give out on the internet?
Do you know what products are available to monitor, block,and report online activity and abuse?
Do you talk to your children about avoiding unwanted content and emails?
Have you discussed with your children when to delete or not reply to emails?
Do you have rules in place to limit the time your child spends on the internet or playing computer games?
Have you learned how to use e-safety tools such as privacy settings?
Have you shown your children how to use e-safety tools such as privacy settings?
Do you know what the SMART e-safety rules are?
Is your child’s computer in a family space, or in their private bedroom?
Can you easily monitor what websites your child is visiting?
Have you spoken to your child about playing age appropriate video games?
Have you attended school parents’ meetings about e-safety?
Are you satisfied with the level of e-safety information provided by the Orion?
Do you think the Orion does enough to promote e-safety and keep you up to date with new developments?
Do you feel that you can ask your child’s class teacher or school leader for advice regarding e-safety?
Are you happy with your level of e-safety knowledge?
Do you think the Orion needs to develop closer links between parents and teachers to keep you up to date with e-safety developments?
Is there anything specific you’d like to know from the school about e-safety?Please specify below:
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