Westman Rocked Entry Form
Event: Westman Rocked Powerlifting Meet
Date: April 21, 2018
Location: 215 6th Street Brandon Man

weigh in beginning 9:00 AM, rules briefing 10:45, lifting at 11:00

All times are subject to change based on registration.

Sanctioned by: Manitoba Powerlifting Association as representatives of the Canadian Powerlifting Union and IPF.

Rules: Subject to IPF rules, WADA/CCES drug testing compliance
Technical rule book http://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/rules/technical-rules.html
CCES announcement http://powerlifting.ca/drug_cadp_elearning.html
Approved equipment http://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/rules/approved-list.html

Entry Fees:
$85 Powerlifting (3 lift)
$75 Bench Only

Meet fees to be submitted to Amanda Moffitt by cheque, or etransfer.
E-Transfers will be accepted please send to amandarmoffitt@gmail.com and set the password as "Rocked"

All entrants will receive a meet t-shirt.

Entry Deadline: 7 April 2018

Meet Directors:

Amanda Moffitt

Other important information
All entries are non-refundable & non-transferable
Bring printed CCES completion certificate, CPU card (printed or very easily accessed on your phone), and photo ID to present at weigh in / equipment check.
Coaching - limited to 1 coach/lifter in warm up areas
Drug Testing - this is a drug tested contest. Registration with the CPU requires accepting the drug testing policy in full during their membership. Competitors must remain in attendance for the duration of their session to comply with possible testing selection even if they cannot complete their lifts.
*Max 42 lifters in event

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