The Little Mermaid Intern Application
Shooting Star Productions is seeking 13-19 year olds for intern positions in all areas of production. Intern descriptions with a basic idea of commitment level can be found at

All intern applications are due by March 14th and intern positions will be awarded by march 21st.

Direct all questions to the Shooting Star intern coordinator Shawn Leonard at
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Statement of understanding of the conditions of the Internship. I understand that, should I be accepted as an intern, the following conditions will apply: a) I understand that I am expected to attend all required dates.  If I haveconflicts, I will get them approved prior to accepting my position. b) Part of an internship includes observation as well as hands on work. I willcommunicate efficiently with my mentor and the intern coordinator throughoutthe process. c) I will conduct myself in a professional manner with peers and adult staff. *
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