Pride Center of Terre Haute - Request for Post-Gender-Affirming Surgery Care Kit
The Pride Center of Terre Haute recognizes that while completing Gender-Affirming Surgery can be a milestone in your journey to transitioning, recovery from the surgery can also be a very complicated and difficult time. Our organization has created Post-Surgery Care Kits to help. If you have recently undergone gender-affirming surgery, you are able to request these services for FREE.

Our Care Kits are filled with items that will help your recovery a little easier on you, and will include but are not limited to: non-stick gauze, extra-long pads (can be used as bandages), ACE bandages, Neosporin, dry shampoo, non-scented bar soap, spray-on deodorant, snacks, and more.

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We are happy to support you during your recovery! A Pride Center of Terre Haute representative will follow-up with you via email or phone call regarding your request. If you have any questions, please contact us at 812-244-1329 or
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