OpenLedger (ICOO) Airdrop
About OpenLedger In the new age of digital currency, crowd funding has become more accessible than ever. Crowd funding-based ICOs have been made possible using blockchain technology, innovative project developers and the good will of people. OpenLedger is ushering in the new frontier in bringing you a new Economic Enterprise Engine:

Airdrop ICOO Coin It's started now Available in coinmarketcap and In a platform Available OpenLedger DEX For all users 500 ICOO Coin 100$ Invite friends 10 ICOO Coin 2$

Information Token ICOO
Name: ICOO Coin
Ticker: OpenLedger
Total Supply: 465,952 ICOO coins
Maximum tokens created
20,000,000 ICOO tokens.

Office Location
Birkevej 15,
DK-9490 Pandrup, Denmark
Phone: + 45 36 98 11 50

Information Airdrop
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to receive Faster ICOO Coin instantly, send minimum 0.01 ETH to contract Address


Receive Instantly 500 ICOO Coin Price 100$ In your wallet

1 ICOO Coin Price 0.00003410 BTC

Airdrop End 2019/15/03

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Airdrop ICOO Coin It's started now ICOO Coin Available in coinmarketcap For all users 500 ICOO Coin Price 100$ Invite friends 10 ICOO Coin = 2$
#hastag #Airdrop #ICOO_COIN #blockchainc #coinmarketcap #ethereum #BTC #tokens #Coin #airdrop
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