Elementary Sacrament Formation Registration 2017-2018
**This registration must be approved by the Director. Children are eligible at the earliest in 2nd grade after
completing one full year of Religious Education classes at any Catholic parish. Proof is required.
Grade level class at a regular RE time is REQUIRED for participation in this formation program.**
Parent/Guardian First Name(s) *
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Middle or high school students contact Mike Waldon (mwaldon@stcatherine.org) and Ali Hoffman (ahoffman@stcatherine.org) with Youth Ministry for information.
Prefiero material bilingüe a enseñar mi hijo.
I have read and understand the requirements for this class found at http://stcatherine.org/sacraments/first-reconciliation-and-first-eucharist/ *
Please contact Lauren Triplett at ltriplett@stcatherine.org before registering if you have any questions.
I understand that a parent or other trusted adult MUST attend each session with the child. *
It is not recommended that high school aged siblings are the normal companion for children in class. Whole family participation, including both older and younger siblings, is welcome.
I have downloaded, printed, and/or written dates of parent meetings, class sessions, and other events in the family calendar of my choice. *
Attendance at one of each parent meeting per sacrament and every session is required. Find the full calendar here: http://stcatherine.org/sacraments/first-reconciliation-and-first-eucharist/
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