Youth Ministry Survey
Please share your opinions, requests and hopes regarding the Our Lady Star of the Sea Youth Program.
**Though some questions are required, your submission can be anonymous if you choose not to submit your name and/or email address.**
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How do you prefer to receive youth ministry communication?
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Have you participated in youth or young adult programs at our parish? If so, for how long? *
What is your favorite thing about youth ministry?
(ie. You hope this never changes or goes away.)
What is your least favorite thing about youth ministry?
(ie. If this was changed or adjusted, the program would improve greatly.)
Please check all activities or events you are interested in specifically.
Include events you enjoyed attending in the past or would consider attending in the future.
If you are a high school (or middle school) student, what skills, interests or resources do you have that you could share with the program?
(ie. Are you musical and willing to help lead singing? Are you active in a club at school that has service events in line with our youth group? Are you a social media genius and willing to help with the group's?)
If you are a parent or adult leader, what skills, interests  or resources do you have that you could share with the program?
(ie. Are you musical and willing to help lead singing? Do you have a good space for group meetings or events? Are you really good at golf and willing to teach the group at an event? Anything!)
How much time per month would you ideally like to spend engaging with Youth Ministry activities and events?
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What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of church?
What are some topics or areas of life you feel would be helpful if covered by speaker series or studies?
(ie. What do you struggle with or see students struggling with? Stress and anxiety management? Prayer life? College selection?)
Have you ever brought a friend to a youth event? If so, how did it go? If not, would you feel comfortable? why/why not?
If you are a former participant (graduate) in the youth ministry program, what is something you wish you could have experienced?
Anything else you'd like to share?
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