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We want to make the process of hosting your own podcast as simple for you as possible, and to help you create a podcast that is alignment with your personal and professional goals.

Depending on your experience and technical knowledge, we have a range of services we can provide that can serve you by making the hosting of your own podcast an enjoyable experience!

Answering these questions will allow us to laser-focus on the call to see if our service is a fit for your needs!

If we feel you're a fit for our service, we will send you a link to our calendar to schedule a call..
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Having an ongoing podcast requires that you host your podcast with a hosting service of some kind. This also helps to automate many of the processes. Depending on your show, prices for hosting can range from $12 on up. Are you prepared to make a monthly investment in the hosting of your podcast outside of any agreement with Podcast Jumpstart? *
Are you coachable in terms of taking the action necessary to commit to podcast if it's decided that a podcast is right for you?
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