Indivisible Engagement in the 2020 Democratic Primary
What are the policy issues that you consider important when considering whom to vote for in Democratic primary? (The list was provided by National. Please choose whether you see EACH issue as "back burner," "important," or "highest priority.")
Back Burner
Highest Priority
Abortion access
College affordability
Civil rights (racial justice, LGBTQ rights, gender equity, criminal justice)
Democracy (Protecting voting rights, heightening election security, campaign finance reform, strengthening ethics in government)
Financial regulation
Foreign policy & national security
Gun violence prevention
Health care
Judicial nominations
Tax policy
Transportation and infrastructure
Please share any ADDITIONAL issues that are important to you (when thinking about whom to vote for). Feel free to share issues that are related to those above (e.g. related to "environment" you might want to specify: "Green New Deal").
Your answer
Here is a list of options from Indivisible National on how the network of Indivisible groups might engage in the primary. (They did not provide definitions, so we're not 100% sure exactly what all of them mean.) Please share your level of interest in engaging in these forms of engagement.
Not interested
Not sure
Inviting candidates to join Indivisible activist calls
Setting up plans to organize ahead of key statewide Democratic conventions
Exploring training programs for the primary process
Developing open channels of communication from national and local Indivisibles to candidates so we can weigh in together on candidate platforms and grassroots public outreach
Issue forums and large grassroots mobilizations
Organizing Indivisible planning spaces or events to power map our opportunities
Ensuring the DNC and other partners are inviting the grassroots into debates
Please share any ADDITIONAL ideas you have for how local Indivisible groups could engage in primaries - or for how National could facilitate local groups' engagement.
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How should Indivisible National approach the question of endorsements in the presidential primary?
We know it’s still early. But at this stage, what do you think is the best path forward for endorsement?
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