Online Organizer's Meetup (Spring 2023)
Hello! Thank you for your interest in attending the spring Online Organizer's Conference. It will be held on April 1st (give or take your timezone) on the Rationality Meetups Discord.
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What's your name?
What's your email address?
Where are you from?
Which of the schelling times are you interested in?
These are each centered on noon in a different city and  include an hour or two before and after. You can change your mind later, this is just to get an idea of expected attendance.
Have you organized rationalist events before?
"Rationalist event" should be taken broadly. ACX and LessWrong are the primary target audiences, but if you'd be welcome there you're quite likely welcome here!
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If you aren't sure if your interest counts as "rationalist" please explain what kind of events you have run here. If you straightforwardly run say, ACX meetups, you can leave this blank.
Are you interested in running any kind of activity at this online meetup?
This could be a workshop, a dojo, a discussion group, a game, a singing session, etc.
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If you said yes above, what kind of activity are you interested in running? More specific is better: If it's a workshop, say "A workshop on advertising your meetup" rather than "a workshop."
Catchall: Is there anything else you want to tell me?
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