Low FODMAP & Vegan Yoga Retreat
So the plan is to create a 3-day weekend retreat where you don't have to decide between awkwardly missing out on the food or dealing with an IBS flare-up - aka, a proper rest from having IBS!

It will be a really relaxing experience, with healthy vegan low FODMAP food (with other dietary requirements catered for), like-minded (lovely) people and activities such as yoga, hiking and cooking workshops.

I still need to find a suitable venue, but the goal is for it to cost around £300 for everything (food, activities, accommodation) and be somewhere pretty in the south of the UK, accessible by public transport. Not sure on dates, but Fri-Sun, sometime from late August to Autumn.

If you are keen, please register your details before and I'll keep you updated!

Carrie xx
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