Bhakti Charu Swami Disciples
Hare Krishna! This form is intended for initiated disciples of HH Bhakti Charu Swami.

Aspiring Disciples: If you would like aspire to take initiation from Guru Maharaja, or you are already aspiring and would like to update your information, visit Please do NOT submit this form if you are an aspiring disciple.

Disciples Form: Click on the Continue button to begin. Read the instructions for each field and do not write anything other than what is requested. Do not write in CAPITAL LETTERS. Fill in the form carefully and submit it as soon as possible. Your submission will be reviewed and verified by your regional administrator, and any changes necessary will be made in the database.

Photograph: After you have submitted the form, email your regional administrator a recent passport-style colour photo, light background, square 600 x 600 pixels in size. See for picture guidelines and a cropping tool.

Changes: If you have already submitted this form and would like to change any information, send the changes to your regional administrator by email. Do not submit this form more than once. If you want to make any changes later, email your regional administrator.

Regional Administrators:
Africa: Dinasarana Das (Durban) -
Americas: Aditya Narayan Das (Hillsborough, NC) -
Asia-Pacific: Janaka Raj Das (Brisbane) -
Bangladesh: Avanish Krishna Das (Kolkata) -
Europe: Ananta Vijaya Das (London) -
India non West Bengal: Rasananda Das (Ujjain) -
India West Bengal: Avanish Krishna Das (Kolkata) -

Privacy: Your data will be kept confidential in a secure system. Access is restricted to Guru Maharaja's office and the administrators. Your data will not be shared with any third party. Your data will be used only for the purpose of Guru Maharaja's mission.

BCS Istagosthi: If you wish to join BCS Istagosthi, the official mailing list of Gurudeva, please join the Google Group at The mailing list is open to all well-wishers of Guru Maharaja's mission.
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