Accessing the Power T Logo (EEB)

If you answer two simple questions, this form will give you the link you need to download the correct logo(s) for your situation, along with the pdf that explains how to size and space them properly.

Here are some basic logo rules and terminology.
1. There are "Logos" and "Shortcuts." To help you recognize which is which, the word "Logo" or "Shortcut" is included in the file name. "Logos" have the words “The University of Tennessee Knoxville” on them.
a. You can use a “Logo” as the only logo on a project.
b. You can use both a "Logo" and a "Shortcut" on a project (but they must be on different pages).
c. You CANNOT use a "Shortcut" as the only logo on a project.
2. There are minimum size and spacing restrictions. See page 5-6 of the pdf for sizing rules.
3. The College would like for departments to use the College “Logo” with the Department “Shortcut,” as much as possible, to acknowledge the Department’s relationship to the College. HOWEVER,
4. You may not use multiple “Logos” and/or “Shortcuts” in the same design space (e.g. on the same page) of a communication. They have to be on different pages.

    This is a required question