Glotman Simpson Cycling Club Survey
As the 2018 season comes to an end, we are already busy planning for an even better 2019 season. Your feedback is important and instrumental in guiding us to plan future clinics and club events that are engaging and valuable. Please take a moment to answer a few questions.

Complete this survey by November 30th for your chance to win a free Glotman Simpson Cycling 2019 Club Membership (valued of $190). One entry per person. The lucky winner will be contacted directly.

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Rides, Clinics and Events
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How safe do you feel on the club rides? *
Do you feel having a Ride Leader on the club rides is worthwhile? *
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Referring to the size of the groups that ride on Saturday, do you feel they are *
Did you take part in the 2018 Cypress Challenge? *
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Please check all 2018 GS clinics you took part in
Please rate your perceived value of the 2018 clinics (even if you did not participate)
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January/February race team rain camp
Performance skill series - How to train
Essential skill clinics
Performance skill series - Learn to race
Women's learn to ride
Women's learn to race
Performance skill series - Hills
Sprint Clinic
Cyclocross skill clinic(s)
Are there any other clinics you would like to see offered in 2019?
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Please indicate all other 2018 events you took part in with GS
The following is a list of our 2018 club sponsors - Please indicate any sponsor whose product or service you used in 2018
General feedback
For new members this year, did you feel there was benefit from being personally welcomed by an 'Onboarding Ambassador' to help you understand more about the club? *
Do you find benefit in a cycling club like GSC? *
GSC is a volunteer run group, and we could always use more help! Are you interested in becoming more involved? Please let us know if you are interested in helping with a position below, or let us know about a skill you would like to put to use!
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Any other feedback? Let us know!
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