CUC Youth & Young Adult Supporting the Dawning Future Subsidy Application
The Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) is committed to increasing financial accessibility for youth (ages 14–20) and young adults (ages 18–35) to attend regional, national and continental events and leadership and faith development opportunities.

This subsidy’s goal is to help make it easier for youth and young adults to attend these kinds of events. The CUC recognizes that these opportunities provide important ways for youth and young adults to build connections within their larger communities and to find space for their own spiritual nourishment, enrichment and growth.

To encourage and support this valuable denominational participation the CUC will provide subsidies of up to $250 per individual per year for this purpose.*

We are inspired by the concept of abundance rather than scarcity and encourage generosity and creativity across the board in securing funding for youth and young adults to attend conferences and trainings. Because we are rarely able to provide full funding for registration and travel, we encourage all applicants to find other ways to help cover their costs by contributing from personal sources, asking their congregations, and planning fundraisers in advance of the event.

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Application Guidelines
This subsidy is need-based and the following criteria will be applied in the consideration of each application.

Conferences and Trainings that this subsidy could be applied to include, but are not limited to, the following:

- CUC Regional Youth Cons
- OWL “Weekend Cons”
- Regional Fall Gatherings
- CanUUdle
- National Young Adult Con
- UU-UNO Spring Seminar
- Annual Young Adult Weekend at Unicamp
- CUC Conference
- Chaplain, youth advisor, leadership or spirituality development trainings
- OWL Trainings

1) Subsidies are available to congregationally or denominationally active youth and young adults (not required to be active in a congregation, but should be connected with local/regional/national UU community in some way).

2) Subsidy funds can be used for registration fees, accommodations, and/or travel costs.

3) Subsidy awards will be sent by cheque to the home of the recipient or, in the case of a CUC run event, the award will be applied to the event’s registration fee.

4) Subsidy requests must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event.

4) Unused subsidies (for instance if the applicant cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances) are to be returned to the CUC.

*The subsidy awards committee retains discretion over the amount awarded to any given individual and may choose to increase or decrease the allotment given based on the applicant’s individual circumstances, their expressed needs and their proximity to the event’s location.

Priority consideration will be given to applicants who:

1) Are seeking partial funding from a variety of sources (asking their congregation, friends and family support, holding fundraisers, etc.).

2) Have expressed financial limitations that would prevent them from attending the event without funding;

3) Are first time applicants;

4) Have not received funding in the previous two years;

5) Have never been to a conference or training of this kind before;

6) Must leave their region to attend the event (i.e., a national or continental opportunity).

If other criteria are satisfied, subsidies are awarded on a first-come , first-serve basis, per event.

Contact Asha Philar, CUC Youth and Young Adult Ministry Development staff ( or call the CUC Office at 1-888-568-5723 for further information.

The CUC will advise the applicant of approval as quickly as possible. Please allow a minimum of three weeks turn around time for funds once approved.

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