Mixed Feelings Write-In Form
Is there an existential question burning a hole into your brain? Is there a predicament you’re dealing with at work or home that’s proving difficult to navigate? Send us your qualms, questions, and thoughts through this form! **If your write-in is chosen, it may be edited for length and clarity.**
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What should we call you? (Our writers will use this name to refer to you, this could be as simple as your initials or a codename like "SadGirl96").
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Things To Keep In Mind:
1. Your write in is anonymous! Feel free to be detailed; this is especially helpful context for our writers to respond to your predicament. Try not to give away too many specific details that might give away your identity!

2. Give us the context and exposition to your problem. Explain your situation and how it makes you feel.

3. End with a question you’d like an answer to. Some examples: “How do you tell a friend you don’t want to be friends anymore?” or “What do I do if my boss doesn’t have boundaries?”
Tell us about your problem: (Feel free to write as much as you want here! If your write-in is chosen, it may be edited for length and clarity.) *
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