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Hello fellow RAoC-ers! Would you be open to receiving "just because" cards any ole time? I would love to draw them, and send them to you! Please let me know what other types (in questions) of cards you would like to receive!

Addresses also welcome - military, jail/prison - plz just indicate in the address. Thank you! WW and USA cards.

Love & Light to you and yours!
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Do you celebrate a Winter holiday? If so, which one?
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Anything else you would like me to know? Feel free to tell me some of your interests - shows? Fave cartoon characters? Fave holiday? Fave style of music? Fave song? What is your favorite color(s)?
I would LOVE to receive any card from anyone! If you want to mail me one! Thank you. I celebrate Yuletide, I love bright colors, I love rock and indie hip hop, I love ducks and Rick and Morty. :) Thank you. Love & Light to you and yours!
u/coffeebooksplz//2346 Old Villa Rica Rd.//Powder Springs, ,GA 30127//USA
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