Online Play Reading Fundraising Evening
Come and join English Theatre Düsseldorf's Online Play Reading Fundraiser on Friday 26th March at 7:30pm CET! Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this event and watch our wonderful cast read through the play 'Light from the Pleiades' by Brian Leahy Doyle.

Though entry is free, it is a fundraising event and we would be very grateful to receive a donation for your attendance at the Online Play Reading. We recommend a €20 donation and all of the support we receive will go directly towards our upcoming production of 'Romeo & Juliet', that will be performed outside at the Kaiserpfalz, Kaiserswerth in May/June 2021!

About the play:
'Light from the Pleiades' is the uncommon love story of Deirdre and Mooney, which occurs during three different time periods in their lives, beginning when they are 17 and 23 in Madison, Wisconsin. Their relationship is emotionally intense and physically passionate, but comes to an end when Mooney leaves for graduate school. The action jumps forward 10 years when Mooney visits Deirdre, now diagnosed as a schizophrenic, in Green Bay. Deirdre tells Mooney that he had gotten her pregnant and that she had had an abortion. The action then jumps forward 15 years: Mooney has become a successful writer, with a personal life in flux, when he is contacted by Anna, Deirdre’s daughter and possibly his child. Deirdre has died, but her ghost speaks to Mooney, encouraging him to undergo a DNA test and to discover a greater sense of purpose in his life.

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