Selection Criteria

- Must be a young woman aged 17-25
- Must be currently in high school and/or university(Priority: Students from Public High Schools & University)
- Must show keen interest in journalism/current events/film
- Must submit a complete application by 1st of September 2017 at 24:00
- Chosen finalist will be contacted for a personal interview.

To be considered, applications must include all of the following:

- Application form with all fields filled out (see below)

Award winning KosovaLive Organization in partnership with international award winning GlobalGirl Media has established an all girls news academy and bureau in Prishtina, for educating and empowering Kosovo girls in new age media. The bureau is part of the greater international GGM family in Los Angelos, South Africa, London, Oakland, Chicago, Morocco, and New York that work in developing the voice and self-expression of teenage girls in underserved communities by training them to become citizen journalists, and harnessing the power of new digital media to inspire social activism and change in their communities.(Learn more here: http://bit.ly/1y7eJ0G)

We invite interested girls from 17-25 years old to apply for the “GIRL BE HEARD”, digital journalism, leadership and production training program for empowering and increasing the capabilities and skill-capacity of high school and university girls in Kosovo. The selected girls and young women will produce content continually each month, under the guidance of KosovaLive, which will be featured locally and internationally. Attendance from GlobalGirls is important and it is required that they are ready to make a commitment for regular weekly meetings.

For more about past GGM Academy graduates and information on GGM, visit: www.globalgirlmedia.org and www.ggmn.tv

For information about KosovaLive Organisation & KosovaLive360, please visit: www.kosovalive.org, www.kosovalive360.com and www.kosovakosovo.org

For questions regarding the KosovaLive-GlobalGirlMedia (GGM) girl's news bureau please contact:
KosovaLive Organisation, Pallati i Shtypit, Media Aneksi II, Prishtina, Kosova, 10000, +381 38 248 276/277

1.Name & Surname *
Emri dhe Mbiemri
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1.1. Adress *
Adresa e banimit
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1.2. Telephone Number *
Numri i telefonit
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1.3. Email Adress *
E-mail adresa
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1.4. Date of Birth *
Data e lindjes
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2.Age/ Year in Secondary School or University *
Mosha/ Viti në shkollë të mesme apo fakultet
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2.1 Name of School/University (Also List Department) *
Emri i shkollës/fakultetit (Gjithashtu listo drejtimin)
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2.2. Language Spoken at Home *
Gjuha amëtare
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2.2. Other Languages Spoken *
Gjuhët e tjera
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3.What do you hope to learn from the GlobalGirl Media Academy and GGM-KosovaLive News Bureau? *
Çfarë shpreson të mësosh nga Akademia e GlobalGirl Media dhe nga Byroja Informative GGM-KosovaLive?
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3.1 What technical skills? *
Cilat shkathtësi teknike?
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3.2 What do you hope to learn about yourself? *
Çfarë shpreson të mësosh për veten?
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4. What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you during this course? *
Çfarë mendoni se do të jetë sfida më e madhe për ju gjatë këtij kursi?
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6. How do you interact with the news? What are you regular news sources now? *
Si ndërveproni me lajmet? Cilat janë burimet e lajmeve që i ndiqni më së shpeshti?
Your answer
7. How often do you use social media? What sites do you use? For entertainment, news, personal, family, etc.? *
Sa shpesh i përdorni mediat sociale? Cilat platforma i përdorni? Cilat për kënaqësi? Cilat për punë? Cilat për shoqëri? Cilat për familje?
Your answer
8. What is your GPA? *
Cila është nota juaj mesatare? (Nëse në shkollë të mesme specifikoni nga 5.0/Nëse në universitet specifikoni nga 10.0)
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9. What are your career goals? *
Cilat janë synimet tuaja profesionale?
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9.1 Please list any extra curricular & volunteer activities that you are involved in *
Ju lutem renditni aktivitete jashtëmësimore dhe vullnetare në të cilat jeni të angazhuara
Your answer
10. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate yourself on the following subjects: *
Nga shkalla 1 deri në 10, ju lutem vlerësoni veten në fushat e mëposhtme:
Please rate your reading skills/ Ju lutem vlerësoni shkathtësitë tuaja në lexim (Anglisht):
Please rate your writing skills/ Ju lutem vlerësoni shkathtësitë tuaja në shkrim (Anglisht):
Please rate your science skills/ Ju lutem vlerësoni shkathtësitë tuaja në shkencë (Anglisht):
Please rate your history skills/ Ju lutem vlerësoni shkathtësitë tuaja në histori (Anglisht):
Please rate your math skills/ Ju lutem vlerësoni shkathtësitë tuaja në matematikë (Anglisht)
11. How would you describe your self-esteem? *
Si do ta përshkruanit vetëbesimin e juaj?
Your answer
12. How would you describe your relationship with your Parents: *
Si do të përshkruanit marrëdhënien tuaj me prindërit:
How would you describe your relationship with your Friends: *
Si do të përshkruanit marrëdhënien tuaj me miqtë:
How would you describe your relationship with your Teachers: *
Si do të përshkruanit marrëdhënien tuaj me arsimtarët
13. What’s the one overall thing you would like to improve about youself with the help of GGM? *
Çfarë është një gjë (mund të jetë çfarëdo) që do të dëshironit të përmirësonit tek vetja përmes trajnimeve të GGM-KosovaLive në përgjithsësi?
Your answer
14.Please tell us about an issue or event in your community (200 words or less) *
Ju lutemi na tregoni për ndonjë çështje apo ngjarje në komunitetin/qytetin/fshatin tuaj (200 ose më pak fjalë)
Your answer
15. Why do you think media is important? How do you see your role in the media environment? *
Pse mendoni se mediat janë me rëndësi? Si e shihni rolin tuaj në fushën e mediave?
Your answer
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