Singapore Apprenticeship in Literary Translation Application Form
The Singapore Apprenticeship in Literary Translation (SALT) is a capability development programme jointly organised by Tender Leaves Translation and the Singapore Book Council, aimed at training literary translators for the publishing industry. for the publishing industry. Participants will undergo a rigorous, industry-oriented 12-month training, in which they will learn the skills and craft of translating a book-length project, put together a translation sample and synopsis package for pitching to publishers and agents and gain experience in the best practices of the profession, including understanding the business, legal and ethical issues involved in their work.

The entire course fee is S$6,000 for the 12-month programme which includes working with four different established professionals in the field of literary translation to complete a sample of about three chapters or 5,000 words and a synopsis package.

All applications for SALT must arrive no later than 10 February 2019, 2359 hours. Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified by 10 March.

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>Sample of translated work
Please provide, as a PDF, a sample of work you have translated together with the original text. The translation should be
between 500 to 2,000 words or characters in the original language.

>Sample of creative writing
Please provide, as a PDF, a 500 word or character sample of an original piece of creative writing you have done. This
could be a poem, fiction, essays, or creative non-fiction in either English or Chinese.

>Portfolio list if applicable
Please list any published (both print and online) works you may have written or translated. Your list should include the
title of the article and the collection or portal it was published in if applicable, and the date of publication.

Sample of translated work
Sample of creative writing
Portfolio (if applicable)
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Sources of funding (if applicable)
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Please indicate if you would continue with SALT if your application for support is not approved.
*Please note that the deadline for the National Arts Council Capability Development Grant for SALT is 15 February 2019. Your SALT application has to reach us by 10 January 2019 in order for us to assess it and email you the confirmation of acceptance by 24 January 2019 to allow you sufficient time to submit your application for the NAC Capability Grant.

More details about the NAC grant is available at:

and for Ministry of Communications and Information Translation Talent Development Scheme at:

Please complete all fields, where applicable. Email your completed application form and samples to Kindly note that incomplete submission forms will not be accepted.

SALT is jointly organised by Tender Leaves Translation and the Singapore Book Council ("Organisers"). Successful applicants will be informed by 10 March 2019.

Applicant's Declaration
1. I declare that the facts stated in this application and the supporting documents (if any) are true and correct. I understand that if I obtain the placement from the Organisers by providing false or misleading statements or information, the Organisers may, at its discretion, withdraw the placement and recover immediately any costs that may have been incurred.

2. I hereby acknowledge that Tender Leaves and Singapore Book Council reserve the right to approve applications for SALT. The decision of the panel is final and not subject to appeal.

3. I agree to submit any further information or explanation upon request.

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