SchmiedeApplication -> May 31st.
Schmiede19: better
11.9.-20.9. 2019
Pernerinsel, Hallein, Salzburg, Austria.

The SchmiedeApplicationForm is always online.
What is relevant is the timestamp of your submission.

Application deadline is May 31st
For everyone who wants to attend Schmiede, every year.

Welcome emails go out June 15th.
EarlyBird-Tickets will be online till June 31st.

LateApplication deadline is July 5th.
LateWelcome emails will go out on July 15st.

# About SchmiedeApplicationForm in general:

1- This form does not send confirmation emails.
This form informs that your application has been recorded, when pressing submit. (scroll up)
Scroll up, if you only see a blue screen after pressing submit, to see confirmation and edit link.

2- You can edit your application after submitting.
You need to save the link (supplied once you press submit). We cannot reproduce this link.
If the link is lost and you want to alter your answer you will need to fill out another application.
We will consider the application you submitted last.

We recommend:
Record your application on a separate document in case you want to reuse your questions.
In case you lose the edit link: copy paste mutate your saved application answers.
We will consider the application you submitted last.

# About Schmiede and Application in general:

Yes, everyone, who wants to participate at Schmiede, needs to apply.

1 - This also includes returning Smiths, Rüdiger, Kerstin and Michael.
In general: Schmiede is mainly optional, however we heavily encourage Smiths to stay
in Hallein for as much of Schmiede as possible. Much of Schmiede's magic happens
within the SmithGroupProcess. For the SmithGroupProcess to happen attendance is
key and on/off is disturbing. The SchmiedePublicProgram is always open to the
interested and visitors.

2- Applying as a group: everyone needs to fill out the application form individually.
Please reference to the project/group.

# Please use or if you are already a Smith for questions and conversations. In case you are not on fb: office {at} schmiede {dot} ca

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Will you send supportive material?
office/AT/schmiede/DOT/ca or/and Vollererhofstrasse 372, 5412 Puch
Will you bring a project to Schmiede? (info for the analog WeAllWall)
If yes: 1) give us a brief project outline 2) inform us what/who you are looking for. (max 1500 characters)
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What kind of project would you like to get involved in? (info for the analog WeAllWall)
Also let us know about the skill set and tools you would bring to the table. (max 1500 characters)
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Will you eat at Asian Dub Kitchen?
if yes: Walter will contact you with the details. You can still decide then.
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