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See it like this: Filling in this form is the first step that shows that you are seriously interested in an organisation that also takes their projects and applicants serious and cares about them. By completing the application form you are under no obligation, nor is this a commitment to join one of our programs yet. We just want to get to know you..

We hope you will be the right candidate for one of our projects!

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Volunteering in COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU...
Here you can list the countries and projects for which you want to volunteer. You can find all projects on our website under http://ngotaxi.org/projects *
(You can also choose more than one project and combine projects in more than one country).
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Have you already heard of our Surf & Help Camp in Ecuador? It's our third year we are sending volunteers into our marine wildlife program. We are so happy that so many people help us protect the ocean and its precious environment. If you also want to be part of our camps in 2018 or 2019… APPLY NOW!
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