2020-21 Calendar Survey #2
Based on the feedback from the first survey, I have created this sample calendar. This calendar goes back to the type of calendar we had prior to the "construction" calendar. There are a few items to note:

1. Students will not report on the presidential election, but teachers will have an in-service day.
2. Schools will be open during the local election in August. Currently only MCHS is a polling location.
3. Fall break falls on the last week of September. The reason for this is that the football, band, and cheerleaders have an open date on Friday, October 2. The football schedule was created in November of 2018 and is a two year schedule. If fall break is moved to a later week there are about 75 families that would not be able to travel during fall break.
4. After the 2020-21 School year, we plan to have fall break on the first full week of October each year. This will allow for families to make plans for fall break prior to the school calendar being approved by the school board. (The first full week of October is the midpoint of the first semester.)
Sample Calendar
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