Blenheim Middle School of Discovery Compact for Learning 2020 - 2021
A compact is a written agreement indicating how all members of a school community agree to share responsibility for student learning. Please read and type each name as a signature of your agreement.

Our Principal supports this form of parental involvement. As a principal, Dr. Vance pledges to:
• Include parents, teachers, and students (where applicable) in decision-making.
• Have an “open door” policy for parents, teachers, and students.
• Communicate regularly with parents.
• Provide a safe environment conductive for learning.
• Show respect for all parents, teachers, and students.
• Model professional behavior and a positive attitude.
• Ensure fairness and equity in adherence to classroom, school, and district rules.
• Provide conferences that are considerate of parent’s schedules.
• Recognize and celebrate cultural diversity of the students.
• Provide a variety of opportunities for parents to become involved in school activities.

It is important that students achieve. BMSD teachers pledge to:
• Believe that each child can learn.
• Respect and value the uniqueness of each child and his or her family.
• Have high expectations for my students.
• Help my students resolve conflicts in positive, non-violent ways.
• Create an environment conductive to learning.
• Communicate and cooperate with parents to ensure the best education possible.
• Provide a variety of experiences to accommodate different learning styles.
• Explain my expectations, instructional goals, and grading system to students and parents.

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