35mminstyle 2.0 Survey
Hi fellow bloggers 💋I am planning a total new site for 35mminstyle.com and I need your help. As you know my niche is fashion and film photography but I love writing about travel, beauty, blogging and selfcare too.

I would be so happy if you could answer a few questions about your experience on my site and about blogging.

📝These datas will be personally kept for survey purpose, nothing more. You can trust me.
Let's start <3
As a starting question, I would love to know what to you think the blogging community is missing? Or something you can't live without? 📱 *
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What's your blog? So I can check it out and thank you for your time. *
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What's the best feature on 35mminstyle.com ? *
What is your fav section? (choose up to 3) *
CATEGORIES: Which category should I improve? *
Would you be interested in more posts on? *
Still on blogging and photography - would you be happy to receive free tips and downloads (like presets/ sheets/ planners,etc)? *
NEWSLETTER: would you love to receive a NL with the new blog post update or with useful tips on photography/blogging?
AFFILIATE: would you consider an exchange of link through banners? (you show mine, I show yours) *
GUEST POST: Once I had a series under 'Fashion' called 'FASHION & THE CITY' with guest posts of bloggers where they shared their style and their surroundings (UK, US, France, ect) - would it still be a good idea? *
PHOTOGRAPHY: What should I add? *
FILM PHOTOGRAPHY: do you want more behind the scene over the processes of shooting, developing, printing? *
How long have you known my blog? Just curiosity❣️
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