FOSSASIA Student Sign Up for Google Code-In
Please sign up to join the FOSSASIA community and participate in Google Code-In and other high school students contests.

Eligible for the contest are students from 13 - 17 years old. If you are not in that age group, please check out our Code Heat contest at

More information about Code-In is at at

And, please check out FOSSASIA and the Code-In websites of students.
FOSSASIA GCI Website 2017
FOSSASIA GCI Website 2016
FOSSASIA GCI Website 2015
FOSSASIA GCI Website 2014

Thank you. We are glad you are joining the community!

Please fill in your data below to sign up with FOSSASIA now and ensure you have connected with the FOSSASIA community on different channels.

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This information ensures we know that you qualify in the program and are not below 13 years or above 17 years old.
We would like to increase diversity in our community and we would like to to know how we are doing gender-wise and get this information for statistical purposes.
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