Planet Destiny Stream Team Application
Welcome! Thank you for applying to be a member of the Planet Destiny production team. This position is NOT monetarily incentivized.

You will maintain all rights to the content that you produce for us, and will be able to post, copy, and replicate your work to and for your own personal platforms.

The Planet Destiny team is here to support you and your work so that you see growth and success of your own.

- A minimum experience of ONE YEAR in livestreaming video game-related content on Twitch, Mixer or a similar platform.
- A thorough, comprehensive knowledge of the Destiny franchise.
- The ability to directly play and broadcast live gameplay of the most current Destiny title.
- The ability to broadcast on the Planet Destiny Twitch channel for AT LEAST three hours, once a week, on a weekly schedule.
- A library of past broadcasts (VODs) for us to review.
- Reliable access to high quality broadcasting software and hardware.
- Reliable access to a high quality microphone.
- Excellent public speaking skills.
- Excellent communication skills and a willingness to collaborate with the rest of your team.
- A positive attitude and the ability to maintain a pleasant, non-toxic approach to your work, your interaction with the Destiny franchise, the game developers at Bungie, and the Destiny community.

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