Evaluation - International Design in Government Conference 2019
Thank you for being part of the International Design in Government Conference in Rotterdam! Could you help us improve future conferences by answering a few questions? It should take around 5 minutes. Feel free to answer in Dutch.

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The Gebruiker Centraal team
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Keynote by Christian Bason - Benifits of service design in government
Keynote by Mithula Naik - Going the distance for people
Keynote by Ruud Veltenaar - Shift Happens: Future of Digital Governance
Keynote by Esther Bodil Huyer - European Perspective on citizen-centred digital government
Keynote by Willem Pieterson - Measuring service quality
Keynote by Francis Maude - Designing Digital to meet User Needs
Keynote by Audrey Tang - Digital Social Innovation: Taiwan Can Help
Keynote by Gerry McGovern - Trust, Simplicity, Use
Keynote by Jef Staes - Beware! Our past is killing our future
The conference host Willem Pieterson
Breakout sessions
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