ADIS 2019 Builders of Africa's Future Nomination
Use this form to nominate for-profit and not-for profit early-stage entrepreneurs that are using differentiated technology or business models and having demonstrable impact in Africa. We will select the best nominations to be awarded at The African Diaspora Investment Symposium in January of 2019.

What is Builders of Africa's Future?
Builders of Africa’s Future (BAF) is a session that celebrates innovation and impact in early stage African enterprise.

BAF serves to showcase and award entrepreneurs who are running early stage for-profit and not-for-profits that are addressing Africa’s unique needs through technology or differentiated business models. These unique needs are in health, education, energy, financial inclusion, gender inclusion, nutrition, commerce, industrial development, and other socio-economic good.

What is our selection criteria?
1. Must be an established legal entity already in operation for 6 months or more with demonstrable early traction evidenced in growing usage, revenue or other metrics (not a pitch or prototype). The business should have a website, tangible digital or physical product or picture of more than one successful event over more than 6 months.

2. Must be serving a need applicable to Africa’s socio-economic and climate - ie leverage Africa’s resources in agro, human capital, etc or addresses its challenges (cannot be a clone of a western technology or business solution without differentiation).

3. The entrepreneur must be able to attend ADIS 2019 in person (exceptions will only be made for last-minute travel conflicts). The purpose of this criterion is to allow the community and our sponsors to meet our recipients.

You can see the complete ADIS 2018 Report as well as our BAF winners here:

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Is this business serving one of Africa's socio-economic needs by solving a problem or leveraging opportunities unique to Africa or similar developing markets? *
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