Beast Fantasia 2020 Costume Commission 奇獸幻響工作室獸裝委託

▶ Submission can be made from 2020/1/10 - 2020/1/20 23:59 (GMT+8)

▶ 6-8 slots will be taken and we estimate to complete them within one year. If we receive a large number of submissions, we will choose the designs/characters that match our style the most. Please keep in mind that this is not first come, first served.

▶ We can make any kind of species. We are more interested in fantasy creatures, hybrids, cyborgs, and tribal style.

▶ We can't provide personal quotations at the moment. Please check our base prices here:
After the submission period closes, we will send detailed quotations to commissioners that are chosen in this round. If the quotation is not as expected, you have the right to cancel your commission.

▶ Requests for extra features (accessories) and payment plans will be discussed once a commission is confirmed.

▶ We will send notifications about application results via e-mail at the end of January.



▶ 申請時間為 2020/1/10~2020/1/20 23:59 (台灣時間,GMT+8)。

▶ 本次預計開放 6~8 個名額,並計劃在一年內製作完畢。

▶ 任何種族皆能製作,其中以奇幻生物、混獸、生化機械、原始部落等題材將會更適合我們的風格。

▶ 現在無法提供個人估價,基礎價格可以先參考:

▶ 加購配件與分期付款需求等,會在委託確立後再詢問客戶。

▶ 無論是否申請成功,我們都會在一月底以Email通知申請者。
↳ Check our website to learn more 更多獸裝相關資訊可至官方頁面查詢
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