Treating PTSD
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1. Define the Following Terms
a. Conditioned Response *
b. Conditioned Stimuli *
c. Observational Learning *
d. Temperament *
e. Preparedness *
f. Counter conditioning *
g. Aversion Therapy *
Step 2: Explain PTSD
Directions: Read the article by Psychology Today titled “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” and explain
what PTSD is and why soldiers returning from warzones might experience it, and why it would be
difficult to treat individual cases of it.
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Step 3: Come Up With a Plan
Directions: Come up with a plan on how to train service animals to handle cases of PTSD using the ideas
of Classical Conditioning. Make sure you explain the stimuli and responses that are the variables and
specific psychological methods you could use to treat the disorder.
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