NIHB Health Story Banking Campaign
The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) is conducting a Story Banking campaign to collect inspirational stories about how American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) individuals have been impacted positively during the last few years as a result of health coverage. In the past, the focus of story banking and advocacy work targeted success stories for AI/ANs securing health insurance coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace. However, with a new era of health care reform on the horizon, Tribal communities may begin to experience changes to the benefits they’ve accessed up until now. NIHB is committed to ensuring that these gains are not lost, but in fact, increased under the current administration and congress. It is for this reason that listening to, collecting, and amplifying stories on the positive impacts that health coverage resources have made for Tribal communities is so important.

Recent efforts for health care reform include: restructuring Medicaid, the Health Insurance Marketplace, and the private insurance market. Specifically, there are efforts to change Medicaid payments by per-capita allocation to states, move away from Medicaid Expansion, give more flexibility to the states to determine eligibility and services for their Medicaid programs, and dissolve government subsidies supporting the Health Insurance Marketplace. Each one of these actions has impacts on the Tribal level.

In 2016 programs like Medicaid have played an increasingly important role in delivering quality health care services to AI/AN individuals, bringing critical third party resources into the Indian Health System. Changes to this program without proper consideration of the impacts for Tribal communities is a matter of life and death.
We need you to provide stories of AI/ANs in your community that have been impacted positively through securing Medicaid, Medicare, Health Insurance Marketplace, Private Insurance, Purchased and Referred Care, Children’s Health Insurance Program or any other health coverage resources. In this way, you can help NIHB and its partners better advocate for healthy Tribal communities.
The stories can be short and do not have to include the actual name of the participant or other sensitive details. NIHB staff is willing to work with you to help capture your story.

Please email for assistance:
Chawin ‘Win’ Reilly:
Kristen Bitsuie:
Or Call 202-507-4070

Note: By providing your email address, this form will automatically send you a receipt of your submission and give us a method of reaching out if clarification is needed regarding your story.

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