Staff ICT Skills Audit
This survey has been designed to assist in assessing or the update of records of staff ICT skills. Your responses will help to identify what training is needed and also those who may be well-suited to help provide support either generally or within their department.

Please rate your skills for each item, using this 1-5 scale:

1 = I am not aware of this and/or don't think I need to know about it

2 = This might be useful but I have no experience and might consider training to understand or do it

3 = I have used this occasionally or have some knowledge but need further practice / training to be confident

4 = I am happy about my knowledge or confident doing this when I wish to

5 = I am fully competent with this and could confidently explain it to others

You can skip questions, even whole sections but please try not to! You can always do some sections now then start a fresh attempt from where you left off. I can merge them into one.

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