curl and libcurl user survey 2020
In order to better understand where we are and where to go next, this is a set of questions to poll interests and opinions from users of curl and libcurl. The questions are mostly the same as last year and the year before that, to make it easier for us to see year-by-year changes and detect trends.

You answer anonymously (to the extent you can be anonymous in a Google form), but please stay honest and fair. Answer only once per person. Just skip the questions you can't or won't answer.

The poll is open fourteen days from Monday May 18th until midnight (CEST) Sunday May 31th 2020.

Please share this link to other fellow curl and libcurl users to allow us to get the widest possible feedback.
How are you using curl/libcurl ?
Check the protocols you use curl/libcurl for
Within the let's say last 2 years or so.
Do you use curl/libcurl on multiple platforms?
You use curl/libcurl on which platforms?
If you use curl on Windows, which Windows versions?
Select the all ones you use curl on (if any)
Do you typically build curl/libcurl yourself?
If you use more than one approach, check the ones that apply for you!
Tell us which curl features you use!
Select all the ones you used within the last year.
Which SSL backends do you typically use in curl?
How many years have you been using curl?
Select the channels you are subscribed to or participate in:
How do you access libcurl?
There are numerous, tell us how you use libcurl!
What kind of person are you?
Where do you live?
How would you describe yourself?
Pick the one that is closest to your own view
Did you answer this survey last year?
To help us understand survey response changes and more!
How have you contributed to the curl project?
Are you involved in other open source projects?
What are the primary reasons you don't contribute more to the project?
Mark all you think fit!
What could the curl project do/change to get (more) contributions from you?
Your answer
How good is the project and its members to handle...
If you don't have an opinion, just move on to the next section...
Patches and pull-requests
Really bad
Really good
Bug reports
response times, polite responses, accurate fixes - the total impression you have
Really bad
Really good
Female contributors and other minorities
Really bad
Really good
Attribution and giving credits
Really bad
Really good
Helping newcomers to the project
Really bad
Really good
Information about what's going on
Really bad
Really good
Handling security-related issues
Really bad
Really good
Pick the best and the worst
Which are the curl project’s best areas?
You can select up to 5 good areas
Which are the curl project’s worst areas?
You can select up to 5 bad areas
If you couldn't use libcurl, what would be your preferred transfer library alternatives?
libcurl's primary competitors for your use case
What alternative download utilities do you normally use?
If you miss support for something, tell us what!
If you miss support for something, tell us what!
- something you want or need or miss
Your answer
What feature/bug would you like to see the project REMOVE?
- something you think doesn't belong in there
Your answer
Which of these APIs would you use if they existed in libcurl?
If it was provided by the curl project and it worked in a way you'd agree with
Do you wish to attend the next curl://up meeting/conference? (Assuming it happens)
We know there can be many obstacles, but this question is about intent and wish. What would you like?
Would you like to get contacted to discuss commercial curl support?
If yes, please provide your email address for this purpose. Daniel does commercial curl support together with wolfSSL.
Your answer
Which question would you like to see in this survey next year?
Your answer
Anything else you think we should know?
Your answer
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