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Hello CSD Families,

In this challenging time Colton School District staff are dedicated to finding ways to continue providing a quality education to your students. We are exploring possibilities in order to most effectively serve our students and their needs. There are multiple supports, and combinations of supports, that we are evaluating to ensure that our students continue their learning. One possible tool to support that goal is the internet, however we realize that not all families or students may be served equitably through an online platform. Please use this survey to let us know what needs your student(s) would have in regards to the use of technology to support their learning.

Please respond to this survey even if your student(s) would not have any technology needs. This will give us important data about overall access in our district. We would appreciate it if each household only completes the survey once to avoid duplication and inaccuracies in the data.

Also know that this survey information will be confidential and will only be accessed by district leaders in an attempt to plan how to support student learning during this extended closure.
Please list each K-12 CSD student currently living in your household. Please include first and last name as well as grade level (eg: Jill Smith - 7th). *
Parent/Guardian name (first and last please)
Do you have dedicated internet access at your home (NOT a cell phone)? *
Does your student(s) have access to a computer or laptop in your household? (NOT a cell phone) *
Do you have a printer in your home? *
If we need to follow-up with you for additional information, what is the best way to contact you?
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