Signatures campaign
Weekly rewards:
Jr. Member: 1 stake per week
Member: 2 stakes per week
Full Member: 3 stakes per week
Senior Member: 5 stakes per week
Hero Member: 7 stakes per week
Legendary: 10 stakes per week

1. Rank of participants at least Jr. Member
Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust ratings are not suitable for the campaign
2. Each participant must have our signature, text and image (in case the rating allows)
3. Participants must publish at least 8 constructive messages a week. Only 3 of these messages can be published in local topics. Minimum 100-150 symbols
4. Messages in the Marketplace; Off-topic; Archival; Marketplace (Altcoins) will not be considered
5. You must have our signature, image and account text, until the campaign ends, otherwise you will not be awarded a reward.

@@@ Email is the same as when registering on the platform! @@@

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