Invisible Circus - Interest List
We're calling all circus performers in the Denver/Boulder area who want a chance to perform a piece they've been working on in a casual, low-key, and intimate setting. (Anyone traveling our way is of course welcome too!)

Invisible Circus is a donation-based Circus Variety Show hosted by the Rainbow Militia at their gorgeous rehearsal space at Invisible City! If there is enough interest, we'd like to make this a recurring event open to the public. (Donations will be split among the performers.)

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If you have performed at the Invisible Circus in the past, no problem! We just ask that you present a different act. Do you have one of those?
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*PLEASE NOTE: We get a high volume of submissions for fabric acts, and try to include as many as we can while still having a balanced show. Your act is more likely to be chosen if it is not a fabric act. All that being said, if you DO have a fabric act, help us understand why it stands out from the rest.*
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