Profit Activator Assessment with Frida Owinga
Many business owners work very hard and make little or no moneys. Frida is committed to helping you find out if the work you are doing will actually generate the profit your desire and what you need to do to ensure it does.

Completing this form is the first step to explore working with Frida as your coach. The info here will be used to help you generate cash flow that results into profit. Be honest and resist the urge to impress Frida, you are in a safe space to foster improvement.

After filling the form, make sure you click the link at the bottom of the form to book an appointment on Frida’s calendar and she will contact you directly if you qualify. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS AND CLICK SUBMIT AND GET A NOTIFICATION YOU HAVE FILLED IT SUCCESSFULLY.

Slots are limited and only applicants who qualify will have their appointments confirmed. Thank you for your interest.

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Use the following link to Book your appointment with Frida and put DATE AND TIME in the space for answer. if you need an earlier date add "PLEASE WAIT LIST FOR AN EARLIER SLOT" and we will if a slot opens up. *
Thank you, if you qualify for the free assessment Frida will contact you directly. If you do not you can join her at Founders Conversation every Thursday online and you can register at
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