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Thank you for your interest. Please read all details below before completing the form. 

Mind Body Baby is a Charlotte based non-profit committed to providing knowledge, resources & support to new & expecting families. All of our programs and services are rooted in the mental health needs of parents & caregivers, understanding that when they are truly socially and emotionally supported by their community, they are better able to manage the complexities and hardships of the journey, benefitting essential brain development and attachment in the infant.

We are forming this Volunteer Parent Advisory to help us ensure we are considering as many of the different needs AND different communities as possible. That means understanding how those needs might look differently for the many demographics within our city and the variations of birthing & parenting experiences that can be had. Your earned wisdom and experience will guide how we continue to build our support systems for our community. 

The basic "ask" of being on this board is that you provide feedback and insight on various programs and services we have or will develop from your unique point of view in a timely manner. We will always ask for your input with great respect for the obligations you already have. So, if for any reason you cannot review the information, you can always let us know. We would greatly appreciate the intention of a one year term on this board.

There will be additional opportunities to volunteer, assist with valuable connections, add content, meet for social brainstorming sessions and more, if desired. These will not be required by any means. 

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to email Cynthia at village@mindbodybabync.org

Should you decide to join this Parent Advisory Board, there are three steps to the process. 
#1 - complete this form, 
#2 - complete the detailed questionnaire that will be sent to you via email afterwards, 
and #3 - download the free group chat app we will use for communication and sharing of documents (please agree to notifications to stay connected). 

The questionnaire you'll complete next will be submitted anonymously to ensure confidentiality. The reason for the questionnaire is to help us work to find voices to represent the all the many factors that impact the perinatal experience. It will ask everything from gender, identity, ethnicity, general location in CLT, conception experience, birthing experience, manner of becoming a parent/ caregiver, experience with bias, general faith, socio-economic level, insurance basics and so much more. We sincerely appreciate your honesty. 

Instructions for the app will also be sent in the follow up email. 
Thank you again for committing to providing your wisdom and experience to help us to fulfill our mission. 

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