Survey: OV Student Advisory Council 2020-2021
Hey Vikings, what if Otselic Valley had its own student newspaper or a student-run literary and arts journal?

How about a babysitting program that lets you participate in after-school activities even while your siblings are being cared for?

Are there new student clubs that should be at OV too?

What's not available at OV but should be, in a perfect world?

What problems need fixing to improve the general well-being and morale of Vikings you know?

Otselic Valley wants to hear from YOU about all this and more, including the ideas you have today, and those that will occur to you in the weeks and months ahead.

To make teamwork manageable, a student liaison group comprising one student from each grade (Grades 5-12), plus the student representative of the Board of Education, is being formed to work with Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Gonzalez. They will meet about an hour each month to work together on new initiatives that the district can get behind.

Student members will, we hope, bring a wide range of interests, and will be in good shape academically so any lost class time won't cause extra struggling. These student liaisons to the school district will complement Student Government, too.

If we have more interested students than there are seats on the council, great! You will be able to advise the advisors so we can move forward together.
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Are you interested in the student liaison group at OV?
What does Otselic Valley need?
What would you like to see at Otselic Valley?
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