CMPLD Epic Quest 2020
Buried within the walls of Cook Memorial Public Library are untold treasures, valuable tools and artifacts dating from ancient through modern times which have been collected by warriors, scholars and adventurers. Discovering these hidden treasures will allow you to unlock the Wisdom of the Ages (and might also help you with homework.) The Guardians of this valuable stockpile have trained for years to help you navigate through it and unlock the secret codes used to organize it. These learned Guardians are called Librarians and they will help you navigate your expedition but YOU must find the answers for yourself. BE WARNED: An ancient curse will befall those who cheat in this task.

GRAND PRIZE: Upon completion of the Quest, several lucky Treasure Hunters in grades 7 - 12 will win a $50 gift certificate for The winners will be selected randomly on Monday, October 19, 2020 from the names of all who have completed this form in its entirety.

1st: Official Treasure Hunter credentials: If you don’t already have a Cook library card, we highly recommend that you get your own before beginning this Epic Quest. You will also need it in your future adventures and for homework.

2nd: Start with a clean slate: If you owe any overdue fines, fill out the form linked below to erase up to $10 of overdue fines. Fine forgiveness can only be applied to cards of students in grades 7-12. You do not need to participate in Epic Quest to receive this fine reduction.

Fine forgiveness form:

3rd: Go to to begin Epic Quest 2020!

Note to parents: In order to participate, your child should have his/her own library card. He/She will need your help with that task. Their first library card is free, but a replacement card costs $2. A parent’s signature is needed for those under age 14. If you’re older than 14 and your parent isn’t with you, you will need to show something official (like a piece of mail) with your name and current address. You can start the process Online and get a temporary library card number in about 48 hours:

After that step, this Epic Quest CAN and SHOULD be done without parental help. We want the Questers to ask the library staff their questions. We want them to discover the library on their own. The Quest will take about an hour to complete.

The Epic Quest can be completed at any time October 9th-18th.

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Start Here!
Open in a separate browser tab. Notice the chat box in the lower right hand corner. If the icon says "chat with us", you can ask a library staff member for help using the website or any other library related questions. However, for the purpose of this quest we ask that you only use the feature if you are really stuck. Staff will be busy helping other patrons and questers.
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Create a password so you can place holds on materials and renew checked out items. Select "my account" in the upper right hand corner of the website. GIVE YOURSELF A PASSWORD: Using your library card number, log into your account and give yourself a password. (Make sure it is a secret and something that you can easily remember.) If you have trouble with this, use the chat feature in the lower right hand corner of the website to speak to a librarian.
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Log into your own account. Check to see if you have any fines on your account. In honor of Teens Read Week, you can have up to $10 in fines forgiven. To apply for fine reduction fill out this form:
Searching the Online Catalog
Your parents have finally agreed to let you get a puppy---but they say YOU must train it. Using the "Search the Catalog" feature on our website, find a book about how to train a puppy.
What is the title of the book?
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Who is the author?
What is the Call Number?
How many games does the library own for the Nintendo Switch game system? (HINT: Search the library’s online catalog for ‘Nintendo Switch’ and find the number under “format” on the left side of the screen.)
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Find a list of books that have been nominated for the 2021 Abraham Lincoln Award and write down the title and author of a book that looks good to you. (HINT: Catalog>Search>Abe Lincoln Award 2021.)
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Look up a book you really liked and our catalog will help you find another one similar to it. [HINT: Click on the book’s title and scroll down, down, to the bottom of the page and find another book you might like under “You Might Also Like These”]:
If you are ever looking for personalized book suggestions, you can fill out a Bookie Form on our website: --> click "Ask a bookie (for Teens). Please note: filling out a bookie request is not required to complete the Quest, but may be good to do before your next road trip or holiday.
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You have been assigned to read To Kill a Mockingbird, but all of Cook Library’s copies are checked out. You can find one from another library using the LINKin partner libraries. Which of our partner libraries have copies on the shelf? [HINT: Using the catalog, search for this title. On the book’s results page, click on the "Search partner libraries" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Then, click on the title of the book and write down ONE other library that has this title available for check out.]
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List five FORMATS in which the book To Kill a Mockingbird is available from the library: [HINT: Search for the title and look at the list of formats in the left-hand column of the results page.]
Format #1
Format #2
Format #3
Format #4
Format #5
eLibrary Items
The library offers digital ebooks, comics, magazines, music, streaming TV shows and movies that can be checked out on a computer or mobile device for FREE. Search Hoopla for digital items that you’d like to check out. [HINT:>eLibrary>Hoopla>Website>Browse Titles>Browse drop-down menu and click on Comics (go back and to TV shows and finally YA Fiction ebook)
Comic (Title & Author):
Movie/TV Show:
YA Fiction (Title & Author)
Library Services
Click on the Cook Library Logo to return to the home page. Select the services tab to help answer the questions below.
You need to print out some forms for an extra curricular activity, but don't have a printer at home. You can remotely send print jobs to the library to print off later.
If you want to print out black and white documents at Cook Park, what email should you send the attachment to?
How long do you have to print out the document before it is erased from the queue?
How much does it cost to print out black and white documents? How much for color?
You release your document at the library's printer and realize you need a couple extra copies. How much does it cost to photocopy at the library?
Visit the Digital Studio Page of our website. Please note: Studio services are currently limited to help stop the spread of COVID-19, however it is good to know the type of things the studio offers when we are able to offer full services)
How old do you have to be to schedule time in the Digital Studio? (Currently unavailable but we hope to offer this again in the future)
What is one piece of equipment you were surprised the library has available for checkout? (Most Studio equipment is currently unavailable, but we hope to offer it again in the future)
Find the Workshop page on the library's website. Please note: like the Studio, many of the Workshops services are limited to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We hope to offer them again in the future, so it is good to know what is available to you. Use the chat feature in the lower right corner of the library's web page if you have questions.
What is the workshop?
What is one piece of equipment you were surprised the library offers in the workshop?
To use workshop equipment, you need to have your parents sign a waiver.
Clear selection
Go to the library’s website at and find the link for Teen events. Find ONE Teen Zone event that looks like it might be fun. What is the name and date of that program?
Databases: Biographies
Click on the Cook Library logo to get you back to the home page. For a Social Studies project you need to learn about an athlete, musician or leader who inspires you. Using the World Book Student database, answer a couple of questions about this person:>Research>World Book Student> Search by Name OR Browse By Subject:
Who did you choose?
What are they known for doing?
What do you think is the secret to their success?
Databases: Newspapers
Find the Daily Herald Newspaper in the Research section of our webpage. Find an article which was published on the day you were born and summarize what happened in the article
When is your birthday?
Read and briefly summarize one news article which was in the paper on the day you were born:
Databases: Exam Prep and Online Tutoring
Navigate back to our homepage, , and select the "Teens" tab.
What is the name of the database that offers free live online tutoring to library patrons? (Hint: click on "Homework Help")
What times are tutors available using that resource?
What is something new that you learned about the library today?
Have you read a good book recently? Want to share a brief review for our Teen Picks? Your pick could be used on a display in the Library's Teen Zone. If so, What was the Title and Author of the book? (Optional question)
What did you like about the book?
Congratulations! You have completed the Epic Quest! Please type your name and grade below. Print or screen shot this image, if you need proof of completion.
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