Forsyth PTO/A Council Survey
To better serve you, the Parent Organizations in Forsyth County please respond to the survey.

The purpose of the Forsyth PTO/A Council (FOCO PTO) is to support parent organizations in Forsyth County, offer trainings, and to be a bridge between these organizations and the Forsyth County Schools.

Currently we hold four to five general meetings a year during in the morning.
How many general meetings per year should be held?
What time of the day works best for you?
Have you enjoyed the Guest Speakers?
Special Programs FOCO PTO Offeres
We offer twice a year trainings for all schools. We even hold individual board trainings as requested. In addition, we offer two special events Impressions and Honoring Our Heroes. Please rate the value of the programs.
Do you like the trainings offered?
Any input to improve trainings?
Your answer
In which programs does your school participate?
Which special events are you interested in attending?
FoCO PTO Costs
Forsyth County PTO/A council is a non-profit each year it takes $2,000 to run(i.e. insurance, state filing fees, programs, awards, office supplies). We ask schools to voluntarily pay dues, ($50 a year is the min needed per school to run the PTO) We do not fundraise and at this time have had sponsors help us with events. However, we are still behind in income for expenses.
Given our structure today do you feel our dues should be more less or the same?
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Thank you for your feedback
We are always looking to improve the council. Let us know how we can improve and if you think we should to refocus the purpose of our organization.
School Level
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