350.org Summit at the Summit RSVP Form
Thank you for your interest in attending the 350.org Summit at the Summit on May 5th-6th in Aspen!  Please answer the questionnaire below.
Please note that space is limited for this event.  If you have friends who would also like to attend, please encourage them to fill out this form seperately.  We'll contact you as soon as possible to confirm.  Thanks!
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(Do you work for or volunteer regularly for a related organization?  If not, just say 350 and your city.)
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Have you volunteered with 350.org (or another climate/clean energy-focused group) previously or do so currently? *
(If so, please tell us about the event or campaign you've worked on.)
Do you have a local 350.org team that has worked together on an event(s)?   *
If so, do you still keep in contact?  Do you talk/meet regularly?
Are you and/or your local 350.org team working on a campaign, event or issue currently? *
If so, please describe it.
Is there a specific campaign, issue, or event you and/or your local 350.org team want to work on (that you aren't currently working on)? *
If so, please describe it.
How do you think attending the Summit will be most helpful to you?   *
(Please list your personal goals for the Summit.)
What skills are you most interested in developing and why? *
(Please tell how you will use the skills or knowledge learned.)
We want to tailor the Summit to you and/or your team's needs.  For the next 5 questions, please choose what you would most or least like to have more training on.
1-(want least)-------------2---------------3---------------4-------------5-(want most)
Developing campaign strategy and message *
Event Planning *
Working with traditional media and social media. *
Building a local team and coalitions *
Working on statewide strategy and peer support *
Other topics you'd like to learn more about - please be as specific as possible.
Have you ever received formal training on telling your personal story? *
If so, in what context?
One of the main purposes of this training is to facilitate networking among participants. To enhance this, we hope to send all attendees home with contact information and brief bios of fellow trainees. Please help us with this by sharing a few lines about yourself (e.g. Where are you from? Where do you work? How do you currently contribute to the climate movement or hope to in the future?)
*Please indicate if you would prefer that your contact information not be shared with other participants.
Will you need for us to help cover the cost of your overnight accomodation? (Hotel or camping options)   *
(Due to budget constraints, 350 can cover half of the cost of rooms and participants will need to share a room with another participant of the same gender.  You may also choose to pay for a room seperately.  Tell them you're with 350 when you book and you get the discounted rate of $110 at the Limelight Hotel = 800.433.0832.)
Would you like to camp out in a group camp ground site?  If so, will you camp Fri., Sat., or both? *
350 will cover the camping fee.   You will need to provide your own tent, sleeping bag, etc.
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
(Special dietary needs, physical limitations, special skills or training.)
Do you have any specific suggestions or ideas you'd like to share with us?
(Ideas for activities or topics of discussion that you think would be useful, for example.)
Are there other climate/clean energy activists you'd like to invite?
If so, please let us know who.  Feel free to invite them to fill out this form asap.  Thanks!
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