Yvette Gavin Consulting Scholarship
We are excited that you are interested in our 2020 Scholarship! Scholarship award range from $1,000 or more.

Please note some important dates:  
 Yvette Gavin Consulting (YGC) Application Process Closes on 4/10/2021
 Winner Notified of Selection - Week of 5/10/2021

 Must currently be a graduating high school senior at Greenville High School, Meriwether County Georgia
 Must be in good academic and conduct standing at Greenville High School
 Must be accepted at a four-year college and attending within the calendar year 2021

 Answer three (3) essay questions
 Provide a letter of recommendation from school faculty member and/or mentor
 Provide a copy of your most recent report card or transcript
 Email a high-resolution headshot to support@yvettegavin.com

Scholarship Benefits:
The financial scholarship award will be paid directly to your confirmed educational institution. The scholarship recipient is required to provide the Yvette Gavin Consulting Office the necessary information to make direct payment to the educational institute two weeks in advance of the required payment date.

Additional benefits include:
 Four years of career coaching and mentoring  
 Recognition on the Yvette Gavin Consulting website and social media
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Open Question Section
Please submit an essay response to the three (3) questions listed below to support@yvettegavin.com. Failure to respond to all questions will disqualify your application from consideration.  Each response should be typed and between 150 - 300 words and attached as a Word or PDF document.  Please be sure to include your name and contact information in each response document.

Question 1: Please describe your degree of commitment to pursue a 4-year college education and what area you are interested in pursuing.

Question 3: Please describe your career goals and aspirations – where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Question 4: What does getting this scholarship mean to you?
Letter of recommendation
Please email us one letter of recommendation from a faculty member and/or mentor.  Letters can be e-mailed directly to support@yvettegavin.com. Be sure the applicant’s name and current school are listed on the recommendation letter.
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