2019 Crafting AAR (v1.5)
Please send your "REGULAR AAR" to wyvernrisingLARP@gmail.com. If your crafting aar (this) relies on your regular AAR, please make a note in the "comments/output" section. Due Sunday 11:59pm after event.

You have 420 mins TOTAL for ALL of your AAR crafting, unless you attended the season finale and it is between seasons (then you get double, or 840mins). If you submit more items than the allotted time, we will go with the items you have submitted last.

For information about the different crafting systems:

Please email crafting marshals for clarifications (WRcrafting@gmail.com).

Please email staff (not crafting marshals) about using the skill "Animal Rearing", "Scavenge", "Unskilled Labor" for your AAR (wyvernrisingLARP@gmail.com).

Thank you!

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