Virtual Spectrum Series - Fall 2020
Beginning in August 2020, Building A Safer Evansville is hosting community-focused presentations to address LGBTQ+ topics for Evansville residents. The Virtual Spectrum Series will be offered to Evansville community members via Zoom as part of a “Dinner and Learn” where attendees will be given a free meal from Rock'n Rollz in Evansville! Please call the day of the event and give them the name you registered with, say you're with BASE and select what sandwich, chips & drink you would like. Your meal should be ready 30 minutes before the start of the event!

There will be a Q&A at the end of each presentation to keep discussion focused and provide community members the chance to address their concerns on these LGBTQ+ topics. If you would like to ask a question anonymously before the meeting you can either email them to or submit them on the website: form.

In the form below, please indicate which dates you'd like to attend. Our remaining fall programming is as follows:

October 19th @ 6pm - Faith & LGBTQ+ - This presentation will focus on LGBTQ+ in faith-based institutions. This would address historical failures, modern problems and successes in the faith community to include LGBTQ+ individuals. This presentation will also discuss how churches have impacted and addressed the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals in Evansville.

Be sure to login 5 minutes before the event begins; we will begin on time!
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