FTH 2020 Contributor Signups
Thanks so much for signing up! We're so glad you're here! You can offer up to three (3) fanworks in the auction. If you are offering multiple fanworks, you will need to fill out this form multiple times, once per fanwork offered.

Please remember that signing up to create for FTH is a commitment. In order for the auction to continue to succeed, our bidders need to trust that creators will come through. Please be realistic about what kind of fanwork you will have both time and motivation to create by December 31.

Note: This form is NOT 54 pages long! You will only fill out a small subset of the pages, depending on what fanworks and fandoms you choose.

The email address you provide will be the FTH Mods' and your winning bidder's primary means of communication with you. It will not be posted publicly unless you tell us to below.

*** Please provide an email address you check regularly. ***
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Please enter the name you'd like to appear on your auction page. This can be your real name, your tumblr url, your AO3 pseud, etc.
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If bidders have questions for you before bidding, how should they reach you? *
This will be linked to on your publicly-findable auction page. If you do not choose email, you MUST have asks/DMs/etc open on this site for anyone to message you.
If you did not choose email, what is your URL on that site?
Make sure you're giving us the URL for the site you indicated above. Please double check that everything is spelled correctly! If you do not provide a URL, your email address will be used.
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Link to Portfolio
Provide a link where bidders can find examples of your work (AO3, DeviantArt, tumblr, etc.) if you have one.
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Additional Link to Portfolio
Provide a second link, if you'd like.
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What organization(s) are you interested in supporting with the money donated for your fanwork? *
Not sure what all of these groups are? Check out the nonprofits we are supporting at https://fandomtrumpshate.dreamwidth.org/20257.html
If you wish to add an additional nonprofit to the list above, please affirm that you understand the conditions for doing so. *
You don't have to select an additional organization! In fact, we hope you'll consider helping to concentrate our collective donating power by giving to the small but awesome groups on the list above. If you have your heart set on something else, though, you can add it after affirming the statement below.
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