Application for Admission to Boreal Sun Charter School 2019-2020 (After 3/31)
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***A separate application must be completed for each child applying for admission.
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Sibling Information
***Siblings are defined as legal, permanent, immediate family members who are living at home. A separate application for each child must be submitted. Sibling information must be completed to be considered for sibling preference.
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Grade of 1st Sibling in 2019-2020
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Family Commitments
***The BSCS model is based on active engagement by parents. This family participation creates a school community that enriches all aspects of the child's growth and education. It is crucial to the success of the school and the children that families understand and agree with the things that make Boreal Sun unique. Please select, "I Understand" below to demonstrate understanding of understanding.
I am aware that the school depends on parent volunteers and I pledge to contribute the hours that I am able to. I understand that the school suggests 20-45 hours per year, per family. *
I have read all admissions information, and will read the Parent Handbook provided by the school to each family in August. *
I know that I have access to the school's charter on their website to familiarize myself more fully with the philosophy and aims of the school. *
I am aware that the Public Waldorf curriculum is most effective when students have limited exposure to television, video games, computers, and movies. *
Due to the school's philosophy regarding "screen time," I am aware that computer and other technology use at school will be limited until 6th grade. *
I am aware that Boreal Sun has a $50/semester supply fee. Financial assistance may be provided if I qualify. Families with multiple children will not be asked to pay more than $250 for combined supplies fees. *
I understand that I must provide a healthy lunch and snack for my child daily. *
I understand that I am responsible for transportation to and from school daily. *
I am aware that Thursdays are partial days, with an early out time to be determined. *
I understand that Boreal Sun curriculum meets state standards at a different pace than other schools. Attendance at quarterly parent evenings is important to stay informed about what my children are learning and why. Third through fifth grade standardized test scores may reflect this difference in curriculum. *
I understand that letter grades are not assigned until 6th grade, but that narratives, rubrics and portfolios will inform me of my child’s progress. *
I understand that attending school functions will enhance my child's educational experience, and I will do my best to attend as often as possible. *
I understand that Boreal Sun Charter School is a school of choice, and as such, if I am not in agreement with the policies and values of the school, my child may be better served in another setting. I also understand that it is my responsibility to utilize every opportunity available to me to learn about Public Waldorf Education, the curriculum, and the understanding of child development that drives decisions at Boreal Sun. *
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